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SMS Module Overview
The GSM Module is designed as a convenient way to send various panel status messages to several people/
engineers without having the expense of setting up a dedicated paging system. Of course with this system the
messages can be sent worldwide (only limited by the network coverage and compatibilities) The module also
sends a message back to the mobile device to confirm it has received a command (where applicable) The system
requires a SIM card and can work with compatible contract or ‘pay as you go’ services with low credit warning
feature on the latter*. The module is supplied with an 6CM mini aerial with 17cm flying lead. A module could be
mounted inside one of our panels and the aerial bolted to the top of the panel enclosure or alternatively module
& aerial can be mounted in its own separate housing.

* For more informarion about SMS Module Please click here

Update to 2.0.5

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Control Equipment Ltd. is one of the UK's Leading Fire control Panel manufacturers, providing a wide range of open protocol, fire alarm and extinguishing control panels throughout the world. We also provide custom engineering of purpose-designed R3 rack systems for specialist and special hazard land based and off-shore applications.

Fusion V 2.0.5

CEL account customers can register to receive a password in order to be able to download the software package. If you are not a direct customer contact your usual supplier or CEL for details. If your application is approved you will receive an email containing your log-in password and download instructions. Please note that the user name and password are case sensitive.

Note: Fusion software is for use with phase 6 Voyager and Discovery panels (version 95579006 or later). It cannot be used with phase 5 panels for programming. For phase 5 panels you will still require NETWORK DESIGN SYSTEM. Click here (your original password will be required)

To register click the REGISTER box below
If you already have your password etc. click on the LOG IN box below in order to download the full program
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The Control Equipment Audix Brand Voice Alarm Systems are designed to the highest standard and comply with  rigorous life safety regulations and international standards. 

Products include Emercall emergency & disabled refuge communications system, Audix Alpha system, general PA equipment, microphones, amplifiers, speakers, DDA equipment & Soundfield etc.            

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